Why We'll Win!



11 Days to Victory!

The Only Democrat - The Only Progressive Candidate

Tonight was a very special evening and I want to thank Ed Fallon for opening up his home for a fund-raiser and to the many people who came for the music, conversation and fun.  It was wonderful.

Something happened tonight that you need to be aware of. I am the only candidate for Iowa’s Third Congressional Seat who has signed the Climate Mobilization Pledge. What does that mean?  It means, as I have said since starting this campaign, we have only one planet and we do not get a “do over”. I am committed to reduce our greenhouse gases to a net zero.  I am committed to finding ways, as an elected official, to produce legislation that will help us deal with the devastating effects of climate change. I am committed to restoring sense and science to the public discourse. 

This is more than a campaign tactic. This, my friends,is serious.  We need a full scale mobilization the type we have not seen since WWII to tackle the issues before us.  We cannot wait and I urge you to follow my lead.  We only have one planet…let us protect it.

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12 Days to Victory!

Did You See?

Tonight Desmund clearly won the Des Moines Register/KCCI TV8 Congressional Debate by focusing on doing something vastly different than what Democrats have done in the past. Over the recent election cycles Democrats have played it safe and thought that raising money was the key to victory. However, it didn’t work that way and today Democrats in Iowa hold only one of four congressional seats.

Desmund has the answer. The only way Democrats will win in November is by engaging voters who have been left on the sidelines and none of the candidates tonight were able to articulate that message better than Desmund. One of the candidates suggested that he is a progressive but still supports the Keystone Pipeline.

No, the true progressive in this race, the candidate who has reached out to build a broad coalition to win in November is Desmund Adams.  We hope you’ll remember that on June 7th.

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13 Days to Victory!

Tomorrow’s Debate

Today, Desmund stopped by the Des Moines Register to speak with the Des Moines Register Editorial Board. He was asked some tough questions but…Desmund ROCKED it! Desmund talked about policy and why his wide breadth of experiences and wisdom gained starting as a high school dropout that graduated from Drake Law School with a Doctorate of Jurisprudence made him the best candidate. The Editorial Board was impressed.

Tomorrow, Desmund will continue showing voters across Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District why they need to vote for this political leader on the KCCI Debate. So, tune in to KCCI at 6:00PM to see why Iowa needs Desmund Adams to be your next Representative for the 3rd Congressional District.


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14 Days to Victory!


With just a few days ahead of the June 7th Primary I wanted to, personally, reach out to you and sincerely ask for your vote. I have traveled the district, listened to voters and you have inspired me.  You have inspired me to speak the truth about voting rights, equal pay for equal work, social justice, the environment, saving social security, a woman’s right to health care and rural re-population.

In the end it’s up to you. But, know this, to win in November we need to send forth a candidate with a broad base of support…rural to urban.  I am that candidate and I humbly ask for your support and vote.

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Desmund meets with the Taylor County Women's Association to discuss rural repopulation and other issues affecting our rural communities.

15 Days to Victory!

Getting Rural and Winning

Today we made yet another trip to Rural Iowa to take the message to the fine people of Taylor County.  We made some new friends and Desmund was able to connect with some of the most powerful people in the District…voters. These are interested, concerned and determined voters who now understand the importance of sending a broad-based candidate who has a concrete plan for rural Iowa up against David Young in November.

This is about winning.

Tomorrow we’re back in Polk County at two forums but we wanted you to know that our rural brothers and sisters are not forgotten!

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16 Days to Victory!

Why the Churches?

Today we spent time visiting the churches in the Des Moines Area. Someone asked why we’re paying particular attention to African-American churches and the answer is that these houses of worship have always been at the center of social justice and political action.  While the church may not endorse a particular candidate this is where people get involved to push for change.

The message that Desmund brings is that this is not only a moment of great opportunity but this is a moment that goes beyond June 7th. Desmund will fight for equal opportunity, voting rights, equal pay for equal work and building a bridge toward economic stability...for all the people.

For too long the typical politician has forgotten the impact the black church has on our society. We are there to promote unity and action.  It’s that simple.

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Desmund talks with voters in Council Bluffs about their most important issues while getting ready for the 2016 Celebrate Council Bluffs Parade.

17 Days to Victory!

That Was Amazing

Thank you Council Bluffs for an amazing day.  Desmund had the opportunity to not only be in the parade but also took time to connect with voters.

Now, we’re asking you to connect with the campaign.  We’re just days away from a stunning victory that will, in November, turn the 3rd Congressional District BLUE.  But we need your help.

The Desmund Adams – People First Campaign is rolling toward victory on June 7th and we’d love for you to be part of our team.

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18 Days to Victory!

Back to Pottawattamie County 

Who loves a parade?  Sure you do and if you’re in Council Bluffs on Saturday we’ll be there along with our team for the Celebrate Council Bluffs Parade.  This is not only walking and greeting voters but it will also serve as a listening post opportunity.  Desmund will be available after the parade to meet you and answer campaign questions. (Need to find a park or place to do this.)

This is your opportunity to not only see Desmund in the parade but actually visit with him about the issues you feel are important to Iowa’s Third Congressional District.

We’ll see you on Saturday Morning…

Join us!

Rep. David Young: Flip-flops on Equality

David Young discounted thousands of 3rd District citizens in his discriminatory, straight party line, flip/flop vote Thursday to kill the amendment on LGBT protections in awarding government contracts. First he voted for the bill and then, bowing to pressure from Republicans, he flipped his vote.


In our Third Congressional District, there are approximately 20,000 LGBT citizens whose lives apparently do not matter to Young – more people than the entire population of several of our counties.  

My vision for our district is to


1) connect broad coalitions working together

2) elect Democrats who understand and connect with all citizens and

3) include all people and ideas to rebuild this district.  


Discrimination has no place in this country or this district. Your vote for me June 7 sends that message.




Click above to read Brianne Pfannenstiel's article on the Des Moines Register website


20 Days to Victory!

Now Is The Time

The Des Moines Register published another article about the campaign. The Register's Brianne Pfannenstiel spent last Saturday with the campaign as we made many stops around Des Moines. In her article "Adams banks on broad appeal in Democratic race" Pfannenstiel discusses the hard work we've done across the district to build the coalitions necessary to win on June 7!

We have had an incredible run this last year connecting with thousands of people across the 16 counties of Iowa’s Third District through our People First Campaign and now I must ask you to please invest. We are at “crunch time!” and you are needed to truly invest for me to win the primary June 7.

Today, right now, I’m asking you to invest some of your hard-earned dollars in our campaign by clicking this link because I am the candidate who can best-represent the spectrum of citizens in this district. Your donation will help us win on June 7th and put Iowa on track to turn the 3rd District BLUE.

YOU are that important!

Thank you for joining us and believing in me to represent you, your family, your business, community, and this district!




From the Asian & Latino Coalition Event Miyoko Hikiji and Edger Ortiz

21 Days to Victory!

It’s About Coalitions Not Cash

In further proof that Desmund Adams is running a People First Campaign today we learned that the Asian/Latino Coalition endorsed Desmund. This is a big deal on several levels:

  • While other candidates have become the big spenders it is Desmund Adams who has garnered the vote of the people. Not through amassing money but by being there, for years;
  • This cements Desmund as the builder of a vast network of people rather than the moneyed interests who are content to with the status quo;
  • This endorsement strikes at the establishment elites who have always taken some voters for granted.

 From the press release today: “Desmund is a leader who inspires hope and change in our community. Desmund is running a peoples first campaign that has energized a broad coalition of voters throughout the district.,” said Edgar Ortiz, co-chair of the coalition. “I’m proud our coalition has chosen to endorse Desmund Adams for Iowa’s Third Congressional District.”

Truly friends this is a major endorsement and we are grateful!

Join us! 


23 Days to Victory

On the Road !

Today was another day on the road in Rural Iowa and off to Council Bluffs. Along the way we met with concerned Democrats that are also committed to making a change in November and Patrick Rynard from The Iowa Starting Line came along.

The message Desmund carried from meeting to meeting is that he is the most electable candidate running for the Third Congressional District.


Because he has the depth of knowledge, the ability to build a broad and lasting coalition that will push to get progressive issues passed. Make no mistake…if we fail to win in November more people will hurt. David Young is not a friend of the people.

From Rural – Re-Population to fixing Social Security Desmund Adams has a plan and the voice to push the issues forward.   

Join us!



 It was a full day showcasing our broad coalition and meeting voters

24 Days to Victory

The Media Day

Today was a full day of voter interaction with an embedded reporter from the Des Moines Register. Brianne Pfannenstiel and photo-journalist Bryon Houlgrave joined us in Windsor Heights for the Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast and then on to the Downtown Farmers Market.  After the market closed  sat for over an hour and a half where Desmund answered questions and shared why his broad coalition will propel him to victory.

Then it was on to several African-American owned businesses, a visit with House Member Ako Abdul-Samad (D-DSM) who was in the hospital recovering from surgery.  We capped off the day with a visit to an open house for a personal friend who is retiring from the Iowa State Patrol. While there, several supporters from Page County stopped Desmund and shared their feelings with Brianne.

Take a moment and read this again. It is but a sample of the broad coalition that will help Desmund win.

Join us!  




It Isn’t Issues it’s Elect-ability

For the first time in several  forums all three candidates were present.  It was a wonderful event as attendees to the Asian/Latino Forum  in Des Moines were able to distinguish some real differences between the candidates.  Oh, not on the issues but elect-ability.

Desmund continued to hammer home the elect-ability of his candidacy and how, if Democrats follow the same old tired script, they very well may lose in November.

Throughout the event Desmund stressed his ability to build a broad coalition that will not only win on June 7th but also win in November.

In the end the choice is yours…let’s win this…but we can only do so with your help.

Join us!


Rekindling relationships and making new friends at the Asian/Latino Candidate Forum in Des Moines.


Did You Miss Us?

We were all out celebrating Mother’s Day. It’s only right that we honor mothers everywhere and recognize the tireless work they do on behalf of their families. Thank you and may God richly bless each and every one!

Today we were back on the Campaign Trail topped off at the Asian/Latino Candidate Forum. For a change all three candidates showed up.  Really in this district that is rare. We can share with you that Desmund received the most applause for his consistent and unwavering support of the issues. However, the most sustained applause was when he spoke to the assembled about winning in November. “We can do what we’ve done in the past and Democrats will fail to win. Or, you can send me, a candidate who has spent the time reaching out and personally talking to voters. Not with TV ads but by being there.”  That seemed to resonate with the crowd.

Thank you to the organizers of this event. Thank you for the questions and for the many discussions following our time together.  Tomorrow we’ll see you in Ankeny!

Join us!


Desmund at event after event today because it's the voter that matters!

A Day of Voters

It was a remarkable day filled with meeting hundreds of voters at several Des Moines Metro events. From the Downtown Farmers Market to the Moms Demand Action March over to Valley Junction for the Cinco de Mayo Celebration and then back to the Food Truck Throwdown in downtown Des Moines it was a day of voters.

Listening to voters, hearing their concerns, being introduced and just being there…Desmund impressed each person and connected with dozens of new volunteers.

Some might call this a “Day of Action” to us it was a “Day of Voters” because in the end it is they who really matter.

Join us!




Weekend of Action

As we move closer to the June 7th Primary we are redoubling our voter outreach. This is the first of several “Action Weekends”  and we are fully loaded. Desmund will be meeting voters at the Downtown Farmers Market in Des Moines and then moving to a planned march of action, then to a union event and wind up the afternoon at Valley Junction in West Des Moines at the Cinco de Mayo Celebration.

But we’re just getting started.

On Mother’s Day we have a host of church visits and then some family time topped off with more voter outreach.

If you are running a People First Campaign you must be with the people.  We’ll see you this weekend!

Join us!



If You Want to Win...Show Up!

Showing Up

Over the past week I’ve attended several Democratic political functions on behalf of Desmund. If Desmund can’t be at an event one or two members of Team Adams… go. This past week I was with dozens of Democrats (and one Republican who was shadowing a candidate) at a US Senate Forum put on by the Eastside Democrats and the Beaverdale Democrats. During the mingle I had a dozen people approach and say, “Desmund and your team are everywhere. That is impressive.”

That’s part of the difference with this campaign. We get it, you’ve got to show up. We understand that for Desmund to understand the voters and the issues they care about we’ve got to show up.

We take nothing for granted.

Join us!

Michael P. Libbie



Key to Winning in November is Being There!

Adding to Team Adams

Over the past several days we’ve added a number of strong, progressive Democrats to Team Adams to help us take it home on June 7th.  These are all individuals who believe the Iowa Third District can do better with a candidate who can reach all the people of the district. A candidate who actually shows up to candidate events held in the District.  A candidate who listens to questions and then gives a straight answer and then sticks to it. Why do this?

It’s all about winning in November.

To get there we need your help. Early voting is taking place now. You can donate to the campaign here and you can share out Tweets…you can get involved.

Let us know how you can help.  Feel free to contact our Deputy Campaign Manager Heather Ryan at Heather@DesmundAdams.com.

Thank you all!

Join us!


Desmund in Warren County Last Summer

Now It’s Up to You

When this People First Campaign began, way back in July of last year, Desmund Adams told you he would fight for a better planet, equal pay for equal work, a $15 an hour minimum wage, free community college and trade school tuition, voting rights, judicial reform, saving social security and a host of progressive ideals we must bring about.

We’ve built a strong coalition that is unmatched in Iowa’s Third Congressional District and we’ll continue to fight for this People First Campaign.

We need your help.

If Democrats want to win in November we must do things differently than we’ve done in the past. We must raise the banner of a Democratic candidate who can actually win.

We need your help.

Today click here to donate $47 for a roll of stamps or $50 for a yard sign or $100 toward our mailing. We are so close to our goal of raising enough money to break out in the next 35 days. You can help now.

Now, it’s up to you…

Join us!


Giving Up…

This past weekend I was shown despair when a young man, standing in the back of a huge room of Democrats said to me, “I am thinking of renouncing my American Citizenship because I fail to provide for my family.”  He was talking about racial divide and how others speak of immigrants.  It tore at my heart.

Think of that.  Someone who comes to our country gives up what they worked so hard to achieve now willing to let it all go. He took his Saturday to come to a District Convention hoping to find answers. Hoping to find someone who…cared.  This is what I told my new friend from Nigeria, “No matter what, do not give up. There is, my friend, a better day coming.”

And there is. This campaign is a People First Campaign. I am running for the United States Congress to instill a sense of dignity and respect for all the people of Iowa’s Third Congressional District…dare I say, even the Republicans.

We can, and will win in November but I need your help to make it so.

Join us!


Our Latest Video!

This weekend we were in Creston for the Third District Democratic Convention where we met old friends and made many new friends. The opportunity to speak, not once but twice, to seated delegates and then to alternate delegates resulted in a sincere interest in this campaign. We even caught a couple of people as they came by our booth to learn why they support Desmund for Congress:

Thank you all. With your help we will win in June and roll up a victory for The People in November!

Join us!   


Check out our new video! Learn why you should invest in Desmund Adams.


50 Supporters Co-Host Fundraiser 

The Adams for Congress campaign will be having a Meet and Greet Fundraiser tonight, April 14th. The event is being co-hosted by 50 endorsers and supporters including key Latino leadership, numerous elected officials and several community activists.

Co-hosts for the event include:

Heather Anderson-Morrow  

Giny Antrim

Kerry Bowen

Mary Brubaker

Jo Burns

Mary Campos

Clare Celsi

Ellen Celsi

Gabe De la Cerda

Sandy Doerring

Nicholas Dreeszen

Ed Fallon

Joe Fernandez

Felix Gallagher

Dan Garza

Araceli Gode

Joe Henry

Mitch Henry

Sharon Iverson

Suzette Jensen

Max Knauer

Tara Knight-Ortiz

Ruth Lapointe

Chelsea Lepley

Michael Libbie

James Marren

Carl McNew

Kathleen McQuillen

Jon Neiderbach

Natasha Newcomb

Shelli Off

Edgar Ortiz

Thresa Parker

Andrea Rivera

Mark Rocha

Mary Rodriguez

Heather Ryan

Hector Salamanca

Lisa Sanchez

Karl Shilling

Jon Shelness

Carolyn Stevens

Nan Stillians

Luisita Dona Thompson

Fred Trujillo

Steph Trujillo

Kerry Waughtal

Thatcher Williams

Denis Wolf-Keith

El Communicador Newspaper

Iowa Fronteras Newspaper

Help Us Secure Victory In 2016

If you would like to contribute to the campaign you may do that here.

Follow the campaign at desmundadams.com, on Facebook at Adams for Congress, or on Twitter @DesmundAdams4IA



Desmund brought a powerful message of challenge and hope at today's Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity's Midwest Regional Convention Community Outreach Luncheon. It is important to note that Desmund was not asked to speak because he is running for public office. He was selected to speak at the very prestigious gathering because of his legacy of impact, especially in improving the lives of our youth. The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity not only includes some of Black America's most prominent men but many of America's most prominent leaders beginning with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Time To Raise Money!

We have built a strong coalition. Now it is time to start raising money to pay for the things we need to close out our campaign – yard signs, postage, advertising, etc..

To kick off our fundraising in earnest two of our supporters Fred Hubbell and Tim Urban have stepped forward. Below is a copy of the letter they have sent out to a very potent list of potential contributors:


Attached to this email is an introduction to Desmund Adams, Democratic Candidate for 3rd District Congress.  Please open the story of Desmund Adams. Desmund is a very well-qualified and charismatic candidate who we believe can defeat David Young, the Republican incumbent, in November and give us a Representative who will represent our values. Desmund's Story describes how, as a young man and father, he faced challenges and has matured.  As a successful businessman and caring father today, his story shows how humility can overcome adversity--a rare quality in today's public arena. 

The Adams for Congress campaign has built a strong, diverse coalition to win Polk County and hold its own in the remainder of the 3rd Congressional District--the southwest quadrant of the State. As a prior candidate who narrowly lost a Senate race in Dallas County during an off year, Desmund can compete for, if not win, Dallas County--a key to winning the 3rd District!! Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal faces a challenge in Council Bluffs, increasing the likelihood of a strong democratic voting turnout, aiding the Adams for Congress campaignWhile other candidates have focused on fund-raising, Desmund has focused on building a potent team to narrow the margins of G.O.P. victories in the remaining rural counties. 

Winning the Primary Election

The key to winning the Third Congressional District primary June 7 is to secure the votes of 10,000 to 12,000 Democrats, primarily in Polk, Warren and Dallas Counties.  Desmund's campaign has embraced  building coalitions of supporters and organizing a ground game. Adams for Congress has put together a diverse coalition mirroring President Obama's successful 2012 campaign, especially reaching three groups of Democrats that currently feel isolated: Progressives, young voters and racial and ethnic minorities, especially African Americans and Latinos. Not only has he compiled an impressive list of endorsers but he's secured an army of workers committed to going door-to-door, phone calling and voter registration, voter identification and voter turnout. 


Please let us know if you can help us support Desmund Adams for Congress. 

Best Regards,

Tim Urban and Fred Hubbell

Help Us Secure Victory In 2016





Our message is gaining momentum!

Help Us Secure Victory In 2016



Desmund being interviewed by Kathie Obradovich of the Des Moines Register.

What’s In A Name

The key to winning the June 7th Third Congressional District primary and general election is putting in the work.

Desmund starts working on the campaign early in the morning. Typically this time is spent studying issues and preparing for the day’s demands. His work doesn’t end, however, when he stops calling voters sometime after 8:00 p.m. He then resumes his study of issues, responds to emails and Facebook messages and plans the next day’s activities.

Of course his daily routine includes attending a great number of events, meetings, and party functions…Just this evening he participated in an Eastside Democrats Congressional Candidate Forum along with Mike Sherzan. Jim Mowrer declined participating.

Prior to the Forum Desmund was updating his list of endorsers and supporters following his interview with Kathie Obradovich of the Des Moines Register yesterday (see the video at: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/topic/c9b848ac-f347-49c9-b9bf-9db165f9f44a/). 

Desmund thought adding a name or two to his published list of 45 endorsers and supporters would be a simple task. He soon realized the list would swell since he has an April 14th fundraiser coming up with 50 co-sponsors for the event.

As the list grew Desmund not only realized how many endorsers and supporters he has; he realized they represent a very, very broad coalition. 

It has been one thing to say it but to actually see the diversity of support, name-by-name, was another. As the list grew he even considered putting together the list and breaking supporters into categories. For example every member of the Des Moines School Board has endorsed Desmund. A majority of Des Moines based Democrats serving in the Iowa House of Representatives have endorsed Desmund. More than 50 Black ministers have endorsed Desmund as have several leaders in the Latino community. Desmund has strong geographic representation from the Eastside, Southside, South of Grand, Beaverdales, the Urban Core, rural Iowa, etc…So it seemed for a moment a good idea to break endorsers and supporters into subgroups. 

He finally decided to present them in alphabetical order beginning with the campaign chair and co-chairs, then endorsers and supporters with titles and finally endorsers and supporters but without titles attached. He stopped at 100 names. 

Desmund Adams for Congress

Campaign Chair & Co–Chairs

1.  Hon. Jo Ann Zimmerman – Former Iowa Lt. Governor, Campaign Chair
2.  Fred Buie – Former Chair, Iowa Association of Business and Industry, Campaign Co–Chair
3.  Joe Henry – National VP LULAC, Campaign Co–Chair
4.  Hon. Louis Lavorato – Former Chief Justice, Iowa Supreme Court, Campaign Co–Chair
5.  Andrea Rivera – Retired, International Representative for United Auto Workers (UAW), Campaign Co–Chair



(In Alphabetical Order)

6.   United Auto Workers Union (UAW)
7.   Hon. Ako Abdul–Samad – Iowa House Assistant Minority Leader & Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Black Caucus
8.   Hon. Marti Anderson – Iowa State Representative
9.   Betty Andrews – President, Betty Andrews Media
10. Hon. Rob Barron – Des Moines School Board, President
11. Art Behn – Chair, Dallas County Democrats
12. Hon. Connie Boesen – Des Moines School Board
13. Mary Campos – Co–Founder Iowa Brown and Black Presidential Forum
14. Linda Carter Lewis – Former President, NAACP
15. Dr. Mary Chapman – Education Leader
16. Hon. Gregg Connell – Former Mayor, Shenandoah
17. Mark Cooper – Organized Labor Leader
18. Broderick Daye – Probation Officer/Community Activist
19. Superintendent R.L. Daye – Pastor of New Friendship COGIC
20. Dr. Paul Danforth, Mental Health Leader
21. Cindy Elsbernd – Des Moines School Board
22. Tim Ennis – Former Chair, Adams County Democrats
23. Ed Fallon – Former Iowa State Representative
24. Beau Fodor – LGBT Community Activist
25. Wayne Ford – Former Iowa State Representative & Co–Founder Iowa Brown and Black Presidential Forum
26. Hon. Ruth Ann Gaines – Iowa State Representative 
27. Hon. Felix Gallagher – Des Moines Area Community College Board Director 
28. Phil Hall – Corporate Leader 
29. Hon. Jack Hatch – Former Iowa State Senator & 2014 Gubernatorial Candidate
30. Mitch Henry – Community Activist
31. Hon. Zach Henry – Windsor Heights City Council
32. Charlotte Hubbell – Community Leader
33. Fred Hubbell – Community Leader
34. Hon. Josh Hughes – Interstate 35 School Board At–Large Director
35. Hon. Suzette Jensen – Former Des Moines School Board
36. Hon. Teree Caldwell-Johnson – Des Moines School Board, Vice President
37. Max Knauer – Community Activist
38. Hon. Dionna Langford – Des Moines School Board
39. Ruth LaPointe – VP Southside Democrats
40. Mary Madison – Community Leader
41. Reyma McDeid – Executive Director, Central Iowa Center for Independent Living
42. Hon. Brian Meyer – Iowa State Representative
43. Hon. Heather Anderson Morrow – Des Moines School Board
44. Hon. Dick Murphy – Former Des Moines School Board President
45. Hon. Jonathan Narcisse – Former Des Moines School Board Member
46. Hon. Jon Neiderbach – Former Des Moines School Board President
47. Hon. Natasha Newcomb – Des Moines School Board
48. Rev. Al Perez – Founder Transformations Group & Latino Forum Member
49. Monica Reyes – Co–Founder DREAM Iowa
50. Heather Ryan – Chair, East Side Democrats
51. Hector A. Salamanca – Co–Founder DREAM Iowa
52. Joyce Schulte – Former U.S. Congressional Candidate, District 4
53. Julie Stewart – President, Senate 10 Democrats & Democrat State Central Committee
54. Bill Stowe – CEO, Des Moines Water Works
55. Sherry Toelle – Chair, Cass County Democrats
56. Fred Trujillo – President, LULAC
57. Hon. Tim Urban – Former Des Moines City Council Member 
58. Eric Wessels – Commissioner, Dallas Soil and Water Conservation
59. Calvetta Williams – Founder & President of Mothers Against Violence
60. Arnold Woods – Community Leader
61. Rev. Billy Young – President, Ministerial Alliance
62. Rev. Bobby Young – Former President, Ministerial Alliance


Additional Endorsers/Supporters

(In Alphabetical Order)

63. Ginny Antrim
64. Rev. Ben Bell
65. Kerry Bowen
66. Mary Brubaker

67. Jo Burns
68. Claire Celsi
69. Gabe De la Cerda
70. Irene Dodder
71. Sandy Doerring 
72. Nicholas Dreeszen
73. Joe Fernandez

74. Dan Garza
75. Araceli Goode 
76. Renee Hardman
77. Vernon Johnson

78. Sharon Iverson
79. Tara Knight–Ortiz 
80. Chelsea Lepley
81. James Marren
82. Carl McNew 
83. Shelli Off
84. Edgar Ortiz
85. Theresa Parker
86. Dr. Carline & Tom Phillips

87. Mark Rocha
88. Mary Rodriguez
89. Lisa Sanchez
90. Jon Shelness

91. Frank Spillers
92. Kim Spillers
93. Carolyn Stevens
94. Nan Stillians
95. Dona Thompson
96. Steph Trujillo 
97. Kerry Waughtal 
98. Thatcher Williams
99. Denis Wolf–Keith
100. Jonathan Whitfield
More to come!


Left: Desmund enjoys a burger and shake at locally owned Big City followinghis interview with Obradovich. 
Right: Desmund with Senate District 32 Candidate Miyoko Hikiji. She'll be facing Donald Trump supporter, Sen. Brad Zaun in November. Desmund on the 3rd Congressional District ticket in November not only defeats David Young but helps every Democrat on the ticket due to the large voter turnout Desmund will produce this fall.



Dallas County is essential to Democrats defeating David Young in November. Desmund not only has proven support in Dallas County, it's his home. Pictured: Desmund Adams carrying his wife, Dr. Shondalette Adams, across the threshold of their home in Dallas County years ago.


How Democrats Lose/Win

To win Iowa’s Third Congressional District and be able to claim the seat for the Democrats it’s important to not only roll up huge numbers in Polk County but it’s equally important not to lose the home county of Desmund, Dallas County. Which, by the way, is Iowa’s ninth largest county for voter registration.

Unfortunately that is exactly what Democrats have done in the past.

In 2012 President Obama lost Dallas County by less than 4,500 votes. In 2012 Congressman Boswell lost Dallas County by more than 10,000 votes and in 2014 Staci Appel lost Dallas County by nearly 7,800 votes.

If Democrats want to win…this must not be repeated.  And, Desmund has the edge.

Desmund is endorsed by Dallas County's district and state central committee representative and the county chair.

Desmund is a Dallas County resident, who in 2012 proved (in his State Senate race) he has significant support in a county where Progressive Democrats years earlier elected an African American sheriff.  

If Democrats want to win in November…if they really want to win…we’ll go with Desmund Adams!

Join us!


Desmund engages and motivates a broad coalition of Democratic Voters to Win in November!

Why Support Desmund Adams?

The simple reality is that Desmund is the only candidate who can…win in November. It’s not about being liked or policy; it is about the numbers and getting elected.  Democratic candidates, who were and are well known in Iowa’s Third Congressional District have lost and lost badly. The reason? While nice folks they failed to build a broad coalition of voters. You can’t win Polk County by 2,000 votes only to lose Mills County by 2,100 votes. The math does not work.

So, what happened?  Democrats have had their hat handed to them because they failed to engage the progressive vote. They failed to engage the youth in the district and they failed to bring along minority voter support.  It’s really simple.

Desmund is the only candidate that can energize this broad coalition of voters and he’s been doing it every day for months.  Desmund is the Democrat you know…the Democrat that can and will defeat David Young in November.

Join us! 



Desmund a volunteer for the Broadlawns Foundation Advocacy Circle

Desmund Fights for Our Health

It’s one thing to say you’re going to do something but what about actually having the experience to get the job done?  Desmund has, from his time on the Board of Directors for Mercy College of Health Science, come to a better understanding of the positive impact the Affordable Care Act has had on health care providers.  Volunteer work on the Broadlawns Foundation Advocacy Circle taught Desmund,  first hand, the abundant need to expand mental health capabilities in our district. 

These experiences have truly prepared Desmund to fight for federal programs like Medicaid and Medicare. His sincere efforts to work against youth obesity through his coaching and his strong support of Affordable Care Act is nothing new. He’s been there long before politics.

Having a Democrat in Congress who has the experience to work on your behalf and to help secure health care for all is important. That’s why you should support Desmund Adams the candidate who has actually been there doing the work. 





Desmund Adams is pictured with Assistant House Minority Leader Ako Abdul Samad after being recognized on Monday, March 28, 2016, for his outstanding service to our community, youth and families.


Adams Responds To Mowrer's Continued Attacks


March 12, 2016, Desmund Adams opened his speech at the Polk County Democratic Convention by honoring Jim Mowrer's military service to our country and by recognizing the success of Mike Sherzan as a businessman. He has done this throughout the campaign season. Jim Mowrer, however, has taken numerous opportunities to attack Adams personally as well as the Adams’ campaign. Even in his most recent press release, March 28th, Mower takes an unprovoked shot at the Adams campaign. 

We must respond: 

  • Last summer Mowrer took a page out of the Iowa Republican playbook and spread the rumor that Desmund was a criminal. The simple truth is Desmund disciplined his son more than a decade ago. Following a contentious custody battle the mother of Desmund's son convinced a zealous Dallas county attorney to prosecute. Desmund was not only found not guilty the all-white jury questioned the very motive of the trial.  Today Desmund's son lives with his father and credits his father's love and discipline into turning him into the man he is today - a successful young actor and model. At the same time the prosecutor who judged Desmund an unfit father has a son in prison for committing armed robbery. 
  • As for the "alleged financial discrepancies" identified in Mowrer’s March 28th press release; the wording is faulty without base and provides for a false narrative. This narratives sole purpose is to create doubt and negativity around the campaign and candidate. The Adams campaign employees a compliance officer who is the former Democratic National Committee's Compliance Director. He has served under four DNC Chairmen. He is based out of Colorado, is a well respected industry professional and has credentials above reproach. 
  • Regarding Mowrer speaking to the lack of fundraising from the Adams campaign; Adams made the strategic decision to focus on building a winning coalition rather than the tired formula Democrats have employed in recent federal elections to dismal results. The Mowrer formula is to raise money outside the District, get some nice endorsements and then conduct push polling. This will not defeat David Young. 

While we honor Mowrer's service, he doesn't address the key reasons this decade Roxanne Conlin lost, Bruce Braley lost, Leonard Boswell or Staci Appel lost. He brings nothing they didn't bring and lacks the ability to turn out progressives, youth voters, African Americans and Latinos in the numbers necessary to defeat David Young who will be much better resourced than he.

 Additionally, Mowrer's lack of roots in the district and his sudden conversion from a Blue Dog Democrat in his race against Steve King to a progressive lacks the sincerity necessary to ignite the base. 

Yes, he's secured some establishment endorsements. Desmund's list of endorsers is fairly potent, too, including Fred Hubbell, Tim Urban, Bill Stowe, his campaign chair - Jo Ann Zimmerman, Hon. Ako Abdul Samad, Hon. Marti Anderson, Hon. Ruth Ann Gaines, Mary Campos, Joe Henry, Fred Buie, Jon Neiderbach, Hon. Jack Hatch, Gregg Connell, and Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Louis Lavorato. 

Desmund not only has big name Democrats backing him he has re-assembled an Obama like coalition that can defeat David Young. They include Ed Fallon, Wayne Ford, Suzette Jensen, Heather Ryan, Carl Schilling, Julie Stewart, Max Knauer, Calvetta Williams, Hon. Skip Moore, Hon. Josh Hughes and more than 50 Black pastors and a number of Dreamers. He also has secured the support of numerous educators including a majority of the members of the Des Moines School Board. 

More important, Desmund is not new to this District. He did not move here as Mowrer did for the sole purpose of running for Congress. Since his days at Drake Law School and as a teacher in Des Moines School District, Desmund has been an active Democrat and a leader in this community. His personal story from a Chicago area dropout to a successful businessman is inspirational. Even as he was reading Mowrer’s misleading comments on the Bleeding Heartland website he was on his way to downtown Des Moines to receive recognition for his years of service to this community and youth. 

No matter how much money Jim Mowrer raises, no matter how many push polls he conducts, he cannot purchase Desmund’s legacy of involvement with Central Iowa’s Democratic Party nor Desmund’s legacy of fighting for our youth and families in Central Iowa. 

The Adams’ campaign has not subscribed to a losing formula; instead Desmund has built a grassroots organization poised to win. In fact, the Adams campaign has built an organization that will help all Democrats on the 3rd District ballot in November and unite factions still bitter from the Polk County Convention earlier this month. 

As for fundraising, we rolled out this month a very potent fundraising team for the remainder of the primary and the general election spearheaded by Tim Urban, Fred Hubbell, Fred Buie and former Chief Justice Lavorato. While Mower has stated we will not have resources by June 7th we most certainly will have what we need to win the primary and then to compete against and defeat David Young in November. 

We honor Jim's service – he is a patriot. As a businessman we appreciate what Mike has accomplished and that he hasn't gone negative as Mowrer has. But there's only one Democrat who can defeat David Young and the big money he'll bring to the table this fall, including the Koch brothers, and that is Desmund Adams, the Democrat you know.





Commitment to Our Youth

Taking a visionary stand and looking ahead to the future must include a long history of youth involvement. Desmund Adams has proven himself time after time.  Desmund spent time in the classroom as a license school teacher. He understands the issues that come with parenting and education. Desmund created and has been part of national mentor-ship programs that reaches out and inspires our young people to move toward success. Through his fraternity and it’s foundation Desmund has given time and talent to help build sustainable, productive lives.

It’s not only about today…it’s also about tomorrow.

Iowa’s Third Congressional District can expect this same focus once you help elect Desmund to take his skills on to Washington, DC. It’s time to elect a leader with broad experience in issues that impact us today…and tomorrow.

Join us in electing Desmund Adams to represent all of us in Congress!



The Epitome of an American Success Story

One of the tools being used by Desmund Adams in this congressional race is a newspaper about Desmund. The reaction by many is one of surprise when they read the front page and see a letter from former Third District Congressman, Tom Latham…a Republican, honoring Desmund. I’ve often had people look at me and say, “What? Desmund is a Republican?”

No, what the Honorable Tom Latham said on the floor of the United States House of Representatives was that Desmund Adams is “The epitome of an American success story.” This is beyond politics; this is at the very heart of what we should desire in our representative - a person who has pulled himself up with strong personal values and an unmatched work ethic.

Desmund Adams will be a Congressman all the people of Iowa’s Third Congressional District can be proud of. He is a man of convictions serving a broad coalition of Iowans; not a politician bought and paid for by big money or outsiders.




Desmund & Shondalette Adams at the Baptism of their son Solomon

“A Father’s Love & Faith Renewed”

By now you know the facts presented in the vindication of Desmund Adams but, there is something you don’t yet know.

To extract pure gold from the earth raw material must be heated at very high temperatures. The events that took place with regard to the arrest, trial and vindication proved to be the crucible of character that ignited a renewed faith for Desmund.  Standing up for right and honor in the face of society’s evil cleared a new path of faith for Desmund and his entire family.

It is this “Crucible of Character” that we so sorely need in the United States Congress and one can only bring that gift by having been there.  Remember, when Democrats lose…people hurt. This is your opportunity to join us and send a champion for all the people to Washington.  



Desmund - Always there to encourage the youth and speak truth.


"The Challenge"

There is an incredible challenge that faces many Iowans. Being young and black are two…the odds are against them.  In case you missed it there is a disproportionate number of black men in Iowa jails and prisons. This from the Des Moines Register 12 July 2015:

“ Iowa in 2007, the most recent data available, ranked worst in the nation in the ratio of blacks in prison, according to the Sentencing Project, based in Washington, D.C.

Blacks represent more than a quarter of Iowa's prison population.

Chief Justice Mark Cady of the Iowa Supreme Court in his State of the Judiciary address at the start of the year called for Iowa to lead the way in reducing theses disparities. He noted that 9.4 percent of Iowa's adult black men are incarcerated — the third-highest percentage in the nation.”

Desmund Adams knows and understands this and has worked for decades to be a strong role-model for kids. It’s not easy raising children, any father will tell you that, but stepping up and being there is a critical first step in defying the odds. 






Desmund with a young Khalil


The Journey of Desmund Part II

Desmund graduated law school on a Saturday. The next day he was in Chicago ready to become the biggest, baddest ‘thang’ in the biggest, baddest town!

Left behind was his three year old son who would see Desmund quarterly. In Desmund’s mind that was good enough since he hardly ever saw his own father.

Following a business trip to Des Moines Desmund asked his boss Alex DuBucle if he could stop by and see his son at the Downtown School.

It was a hard and heart wrenching visit and afterwards, on the plane, Alex started asking Desmund some hard questions.

When it became obvious Desmund thought he was doing the best by his son, Alex drew three circles. The first represented the time Desmund’s father had spent with him.

The second represented the time Desmund spent with his son. The third represented what Desmund owed to his son.

The revelation was devastating and Desmund started weeping openly.

After about ten minutes a puffy faced Desmund was again confronted by Alex.

Alex asked Desmund why he only saw his son on a quarterly basis. Desmund gave a pretty lame answer. Then he asked Alex why he asked.

Alex said he wanted to know what Desmund was going to tell his son when he turned 18. What resolve Desmund had was eviscerated and he again wept openly.

The following Monday he resigned his prestigious position. He called his best friend Felix Gallagher and told him he needed to come to Des Moines and raise his son. Felix welcomed Desmund into his home 

Desmund has been deeply engaged in the life of his son since the ugly truth made him aware of the most important job he would ever have - being a father.




 Desmund as a young, young man

The Journey of Desmund Adams

It’s not easy growing up in a single-parent household, Desmund Adams knows that because he’s been there. While he didn’t think much of getting an education, his Mother did. She made the decision that the federal program Job Corps would be a better alternative than the streets of Chicago. It was a fateful decision.

Desmund went on to earn his GED at a Job Corps Center in Kentucky and his thirst for knowledge increased. Several years later, having a keen understanding of the challenges faced by growing up without a Father, Desmund came to Iowa to be close to his oldest son, Kahlil. He slept on a friends couch, was accepted into Drake University and graduated with a degree in teaching.

Wanting more, Desmund made application to Drake University School of Law and, against all odds, was accepted, went on to graduation and built several successful businesses.  

Nothing of value is ever easy. Desmund understands that and has put in the hard work. He has the proven ability to stay the course. He will prove to be an excellent Congressman who can be an inspiration and a dedicated servant to all the people of Iowa’s Third Congressional District.

Join Desmund and his People First Campaign – 79 Days to Victory!









Former State Senator Pat Ward from Iowa Senate District 22

Desmund Adams the Man you Need to Know

Desmund Adams is not a professional politician he is just a good man and I have proof. Desmund ran for the Iowa State Senate in 2012. His opponent was State Senator Pat Ward (R-WDM) who was facing a primary from a tea party activist. Unknown to voters in the district Sen. Ward was dying of cancer. When the news of her death reached Desmund he called me and said, “In light of the death of Senator Ward I want to suspend my campaign.” I reluctantly agreed but what he said next was shocking.  “Out of respect for her and her family I want to suspend my campaign for three weeks.” 

It was unheard of for a candidate to suspend a hotly contested campaign for a week, let alone for nearly a month. However, the action by Desmund was not going to be overturned. It was a horrible political decision…but it was the most honorable decision I think I’ve ever witnessed.

That is the same Desmund Adams who is running to represent all the people of Iowa’s Third Congressional District. A decent, honorable man who will go to Washington D.C. to champion the lives of all the people in the District.  I know that of him, if you want more…just ask me.

Michael P. Libbie




Why Does Electing Democrats Matter?

At the end of the day there are four major areas where the philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans makes a difference:

1. Feeding and Protecting Americans: Historically Democrats have supported programs like food stamps, lunch programs for children, energy assistance programs for the elderly, educational initiatives and protecting our environment including clean water and climate control. Republicans have advocated cutting these programs and Sen. Ted Cruz, the establishment's choice for President, has promised to defund several key agencies including the Department of Education and the E.P.A.

2. Medicine and Medical Care: Democrats, with the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act, took a major step towards fulfilling our promise as a nation and both Sec. Clinton and Sen. Sanders have a legacies of fighting for healthcare as a right. Every major Republican has called for the repeal of "Obamacare" and the defunding of child health programs.

3. Jobs Versus Tax Cuts: Democrats have historically advanced proposals that create good-paying jobs for Americans arguing that is the way to grow national prosperity. That is a main reason we enjoy overwhelming support from organized labor. We have also argued fighting poverty is a moral imperative. Republicans have historically advocated tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations arguing that prosperity will trickle down. They have also historically dismissed fighting poverty as a governmental obligation instead asserting it is the church's responsibility to do so.

4. Human Rights and Civil Liberties: Democrats have defended gay rights, a woman's right to choose, the rights of humans to live in dignity and have hope, even if they are undocumented, and for long won civil rights like the right to vote without impediments. Republicans have opposed gay rights, abortion, called for massive deportations and the construction of a wall, and supported voter obstruction measures like voter photo I.D.

And while Donald Trump has been singled out for his failure to denounce the Klu Klux Klan, his hateful words about Mexicans and his call for a ban on Muslims the G.O.P. has, as a party, embraced those sentiments. 

Nothing illustrates this more than last November's Quinnipiac University Poll where 6-1 Iowa Democrats favored welcoming Syrian refugees while 5-1 Iowa Republicans wanted to deny them entry into our state.

With so much at stake "a Democratic house united" will not fall.


Desmund Adams – The Democrat You Know

Since his days at Drake University Law School and his work as a K-12 teacher Desmund has been involved with the Democrats of this region. He has, for years, espoused progressive issues dealing with education, equal pay for equal work, voting rights, LGBT efforts, minority engagement with non-profits, exposed tax-shifting, called for better mental health care standards, stood up for women in business and in health care.

These are not new to Desmund Adams and he’s not new to the District.  He has and will continue to be a strong voice on these and other progressive issues that are the core of the Democratic Party.  Desmund has been here. He has taught in the Des Moines School System, created mentorship programs for minority students, worked on health care delivery systems through Mercy College of Health Science and Broadlawns Medical Center.

Desmund Adams is the Democrat you…know. Desmund Adams is the Democrat who has put in the work and effort and not just during an election cycle.

Join us and help us return Iowa’s Third Congressional District to the people…all the people.


Desmund with former Congressmen Neal Smith.





A candidate can buy his or her way into an election or earn it through hard work and effort. It’s becoming clearer, day by day, that the pavement pounding being done by Desmund Adams is paying dividends and he is being seen as the only Democrat who can challenge David Young in November.

Fresh off a second multi-county tour into Iowa’s Third Congressional District, this month, the Desmund Adams Campaign will, today, visit each of the 16 Democratic County Conventions. We’ll be spending time in counties Democrats have historically written off because they are seen as “too Red.” 

Desmund realizes, however, success in November must come from a broad coalition of rural and urban voters. You can’t win Polk County by less than 2,000 votes only to lose Mills County by more than 2,000 votes.

That’s why we’re out and connecting with as many voters as possible.

We look forward to shaking your hand and telling you more about Desmund. See you on the trail!


Adams for Congress is competing to win because we know that when Democrats lose to Republicans people get hurt. A couple of weeks ago Desmund ran into Congressman David Young at Starbucks and the truth is David Young is a really nice guy. Desmund liked him.

It doesn’t change the fact, however, he votes the same as Congressman Steve King and that’s why we need to defeat David Young in November.

Desmund is the only Democrat running for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District who can defeat David Young in November.  But we have to win the primary first and that takes money!

We’ve built  a powerful coalition but we need yard signs, we need to do mailings, we need to pay for gas to get Desmund to the 16 counties. Big oil doesn’t give that away.



 Desmund listening to one of his political mentors, Hon. Jack Hatch.



Caption: Adam's Campaign Chair Michael Libbie, Assistant House Minority Leader Ako Abdul-Samad, and LULAC National Vice President Joe Enriquez Henry.



Former Shenandoah Mayor and the Executive Director of the Shenandoah Chamber and Industry Association, Gregg Connell and Desmund discuss rural economic revitalization.


250 Jobs Lost In Shenandoah

Yesterday our campaign spent the day in Shenandoah (Page County) prior to our scheduled Town Hall on "Making Ends Meet." We scheduled the listening post following last month's announcement by Eaton Corp. that shattered the lives of 250 Iowans and their families. 

The loss of 250 jobs is devastating to a community. The following is the Associated Press article that appeared in the Washington Times on February 5th: 250 jobs being cut in Shenandoah, Eaton officials say (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/feb/5/250-jobs-being-cut-in-shenandoah-eaton-officials-s/).

A Very Good Trip

It was a very good trip. While there Desmund was interviewed on KMA radio (http://www.kmaland.com/news/desmund-adams-visits-shenandoah/article_08cd1906-e4ee-11e5-8b60-676f231458a7.html). He also had the opportunity to meet with a number of Shenandoah residents and business owners. He even picked up the endorsement of former Shenandoah Mayor and the Executive Director of the Shenandoah Chamber and Industry Association, Gregg Connell.

Clearly our People's First Campaign is making inroads into rural communities long dominated by Republicans. These gains by Adams for Congress will help all Democrats on the ticket during the November general election!


Please take a moment and listen to yesterday's interview with Chuck Morris from KMA Radio and our stop in Shenandoah, IA. 





Take a moment to watch the Sixteen in Sixteen Tour Video





Attached: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/local/indianola/2016/02/29/adams-plans-run-3rd-district-seat-congress/81108812/


Take a moment and check our In the News Page for More about Desmund!


We Need Your Help!!!

Desmund’s People First Campaign isn’t supported by the establishment or funded by the big corporate interests that own American politics. We need every day Americans and working class Iowans to fund this campaign. To contribute please click here!

Follow the campaign at desmundadams.com, on Facebook at Adams for Congress, or on Twitter @desmundadams4IA


"When Democrats fail to get elected, people get hurt." That was the focus on the Sixteen County Media Tour this week after Desmund became the first candidate to turn in his nomination petitions to the Iowa Secretary of State. "The people of Iowa's Third Congressional District can not afford to have another moment of Republican representation in Congress. I am the candidate who can, and will win in November. To get that done, I need your help." Click here to make a contribution.

This is about being accessible, about building a broad coalition to win. That is what Desmund Adams brings to the voters of Iowa. To run for this office you've got to be where the people are and not just at election time. 




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